What is the difference between Donald J. Trump and the Hindenberg?

What is the difference between Donald J. Trump and the Hindenberg?.

One is an exploding Nazi gas bag, whose fiery crash and destruction played out on camera; the flaming doom marked the end, not just of itself, but for all that followed in it's line. Its blaze of failure permanently seared into the collective consciousness of humanity. A disaster that would be talke... read more

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The police officer approaches me slowly, his hand on his pistol. “Sir, can you please come down from that tree?”“Not a chance!”He surveys the destruction all around us. “What happened here?”I stare at the smoking remains of my house and mutter, “Doom.”The Police offic... read more

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The Machine.

The Machine.

here they can both work on their evil projects of doom and destruction. This is not ideal, as Frank and Ned actually quite dislike each other, but the mutual benefit in undeniable. Subterranean secret lairs aren’t as affordable as they used to be, you know. One evening, just a few days before rent is due, Frank breaks the usual silence and pipes up with a tone of thick arrogance in his voice:

“ah! Finished with the latest in a long line of successful projects. This one only took two days and scrap material I had sitting around, yet I know for certain, without any doubt in the world, it will work beautifully on the first go! My own genius sometimes amazes even myself.”

Ned, annoyed with his co-renter’s arrogance and off-put by his sudden unwanted chattiness, replies: “and how can you, good sir, be so sure it will work without having given it a few test runs?”

“Oh, I’m sure.” Frank responds with a grin and smug chuckle.

Ned, overcome with annoyance for his unbearable co-renter, pushes on: “Alright buddy, no project ever goes perfectly on the first try. We’re both experienced enough mad engineers to know that...At least, I thought we had both attained that wisdom. So without even knowing what your silly new machine does, I’ll bet next month’s rent it doesn't work on the first go."

This was not the first time Frank and Ned have bet a month or two of rent in the heat of a moment of anger. Though neither could afford the subterranean secret lair long-term on their own, both had a few month’s survival cash on reserve, just in case the other got themselves killed during project, so they could afford to throw some cash around a little from time to time.

Frank accepts Ned’s bet enthusiastically and without hesitation. He hastily flips a switch, and the machine starts up. Whirring. Hissing. Gears and bobs move and throb. A large hammer-like device at the top of the menacing, looming structure is cranked up and tensioned, higher and higher, visibly building with destructive potential, looking as though it is about to smash the very machine that moves it! Crank. Click. Klank-kluh-crank. The tension builds and chord tighten as the machine’s maiden use seems to be building to a violent climax. Ned wonders what this destructive looking contraptions exact function is. Most immediately, Ned wonders if he’s safe in such close proximity to it. Frank has been known to make some rather explosive builds in the past, after all.

Frank notices Ned’s worried look, and cheerfully yells over the noise of the beastly machine: “Worry not, my good sir! We are probably safe!”

The cranking continues, and the machine appears as if it is about to smash itself to smithereens! At the last jarring, intense moment of stress and cranking of gears...Nothing. The machine lets out a decompressing hiss and appears to have stopped dead in its tracks. A few gears and bolts fall, a sticky, green oil leaks onto the cement of the warehouse floors. The hammer never strikes. The machine is dead.

Ned exclaims triumphantly: “Haha! Your silly little project broke! You failed! Next months rent is on you, buddy! That’s what you get for putting so much faith in an untested project that took you only two days to build, you silly fool.” With victory in hand, curiosity inevitably consumes Ned’s scientific mind. “What was this failed joke of a contraption suppose to do, anyhow?”

Frank, patiently listening to Ned revel in his assumed victory, responds calmly: “True, things did not go exactly to plan. But actually, friend, I believe you owe me next month’s rent, because my self-destruction machine seems to have broken itself just fine."

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