A young man climbs to the summit of a mountain, in search of the great wiseman. Despite the snowy, unforgiving terrain and the biting chill if the wind, he makes it to the top. He sees an old Asian man, long flowing white beard and hair, deep in meditation and walks up to him. "Oh wise one! Please t... read more

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ell me how to find peace in such a troubled world!"

The old man stands up and says only one word, "Disarray", before walking away. The young man follows, "Please! I climbed all this way and I don't understand!

The old man pauses, and without looking at the young man repeats, "disarray", before walking away again.

The young man sits down, exhausted and frustrated. He begins pleading between sobs, "I don't understand! Please explain what that means! Is this a puzzle I need to solve?"

The old man stops again, looks at the young man and says, "No, a-you fool! It's a-fleezing out here. Come dis a-ray, and re can go inside and a-talk about it!"

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Epic meeting of world's top leaders.

epic meeting of world's top leaders.

orge Bush says "This is a fine bottle of wine Prime Minister Chirac" Upon hearing this Prime Minister Chirac throws out a case of France's finest wine and says "In France fine wine is bountiful and plenty!" Not to be outdone by Vladimir Putin who then throws out two cases of Russia's finest Vodka "In Russia premier vodka spirits flow like the Volga River" President Bush not wanting to seem weak, thinks for a moment, looks at Mexican president Vicente Fox, and throws him out the window.

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